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How Homeopathy works?

How Homeopathy works? Homeopathy works on the principle of “Simila Similumus Curentur” which means “Likes Cures Like”. The effect a Homeopathic Medicine will produce in a healthy individual can also be used to cure illnesses in a diseased individual. All Homeopathic Medicines are tested on Humans first and not animals, when clinical trials are done. Homeopathic Medicine does not contain any toxic ingredients, making its very safe for Humans and Animals both. Homeopathic Medicine enhances your “Vital Force” which in turn helps to improve your ability to fight disease naturally by boosting the immune system. Indian Institute of Technology’s Scientists have proven that Homeopathy Works on the basis of “Nano-Technology”, where the carrier substance acquired the molecular memory of the mother tincture displaying properties of the mother tincture itself!

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