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Homeopathy is Nanotechnology!

Often people (especially from other fields of medicine) have this question. How does Homeopathy work? When photo-spectrometry and other analyses does not give any hint of “medicinal” substance in the Homeopathic medicines, many argue that Homeopathy is a hoax and all it produces is a “placebo effect” and nothing else.
This ever-hounding question was scientifically addressed when nanotechnology emerged as another branch of science, giving us the ability to look deeper than usual. Several research studies were undertaken to prove (or disprove) the efficacy of homeopathic medicine and all of them came out with results supporting the theory of nanotechnology in Homeopathy. Following excerpt was taken from one such study. This signifies the use of nanotechnology in Homeopathy and how it works:
“Nanoparticles stimulate hormesis, a beneficial low-dose adaptive response. Homeopathic remedies prescribed in low doses spaced intermittently over time act as biological signals that stimulate the organism’s allostatic biological stress response network, evoking nonlinear modulatory, self-organizing change. Potential mechanisms include time-dependent sensitization (TDS), a type of adaptive plasticity/metaplasticity involving progressive amplification of host responses, which reverse direction and oscillate at physiological limits. To mobilize hormesis and TDS, the remedy must be appraised as a salient, but low level, novel threat, stressor, or homeostatic disruption for the whole organism. Silica nanoparticles adsorb remedy source and amplify effects. Properly-timed remedy dosing elicits disease-primed compensatory reversal in direction of maladaptive dynamics of the allostatic network, thus promoting resilience and recovery from disease.”
(Reference: Basically, with the help of Homeopathic potentization, the mother tincture is reduced to enable the atoms of the vehicle (for example absolute alcohol) to carry the memory of the mother tincture particles and behave like the mother tincture.
With clear evidence of how Homeopathy works, people have started to believe this modality of treatment more and who already believed in it, their faith got deepened.
Mission Homeopathy Holistic Care Centre makes the most appropriate use of this nanotechnology, to either free you of your chronic/acute disease or treat the condition to offer you a better quality of life